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I live in my own little world, and I'm horribly sarcastic.

As far as I'm concerned, not a hipster, but you know how it is.
*puts on huge 3D glasses with the lenses out*
I do what I must

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Okay so I’m definitely starting a new blog.

I’m really attached to this one because I’ve had it for almost four years now but ugh it’s just really messy and unorganized and not really reflective of who I am rn, and it’s kind of hard to go back and clean up a blog with over 60,000 posts.

So I’ve already made the new one and I’ve gone through and followed everyone already.

I’m just going to clean it up a little and then I’ll post the link here in case anyone is interested in following it.

But yeah, this blog is definitely going to be inactive starting not too long from now, I’m not going to delete it though, because, like I said, I’m kind of really attached to it. But the only posts that are gonna be on it from now on are those really annoying “I’m moving blogs!” posts.

Thinking about making a new blog

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do twins ever realize one of them was unplanned

As a twin yes we do. We also argue over who was the “buy one” and who was the “get one free”.

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I’m not where I need to be, but thank god I’m not where I used to be. Unknown (via frappuczino)

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